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Constitution of JSTA

 This Society, founded in 1957,shall he named the Japanese Society for Tropical Agriculture, hre inafter referred to as the "JSTA".

1. Objectives
 The objective of the Society is to promote the increase and diffusion of all aspects of knowledge relating to tropical agriculture.Tropical agriculture in the broadest sense will include the following areas:

Agricultural Chemistry
Agricultural Economics
Agricultural Education
Agricultural Engineering
Animal Science
Cultural Anthropology
Food Processing
International Cooperation
Rural Sociology

2. Activities
 The society shall pursue the following to achive us objectives:

(1)To hold annual meetings and academic meetings where members of the society can report the findings of their studies.
(2)To publish the society's journal and other publications.

3. Awards
 The Society has established three awards.These awards shall be awarded each year to those members of the society who have contributed significantly to the development of tropical agriculture or have made outstanding achievements in the field of tropical agriculture.

4. Membership
 The Society has the following types:

I. Individual
  (1) Full \8,000
  (2) Student \4,000
  (3) Foreigner \3,000
II. Organization \21,000
III. Supporting \30,000

I.  (1) A "full member" is one in complete accord with the society's goals.
  (2) A "student member" is one who desires to join the society as a student belonging
    to an educational institution(except foreigner).
  (3) A "foreigner member" should have own citizenship (including student).
II. An "organization member" may be a group, organization or an individual with an
  intention to support the Society's objectives.

5. Address of Society

 Japanese Society for Tropical Agriculture (JSTA)
 1866 Kameino, Fujisawa, Kanagawa 252-0880, Japan
 Nihon University, College of Bioresource Sciences, Department of Agricultural Bioscience
 E-Mail: jsta@trop-agri.jp

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